In Memory

Heidi Marie Spaeth

With great courage and dignity, Heidi ended her life with cancer on July 15, 2003.  She began her life on the Methow Valley Dude Ranch owned by her parents, Paul and Marie Spaeth.  After graduation from Meadowdale HS, she attended Western Washington Univ.  In 1966 she moved to Alaska with her first husband (Tom Salsbury, EHS ’63) to a small cabin with no water or electricity.  Much later she married Chuck Olson and became a crew member on their fishing boats.  In the early ‘80s Heidi created a well-known dress shop in Seattle called “The Satin Goose.”  This is when she married Peter Dillon and became an inspiration and friend to many.  Heidi spent her last years in Winthrop working at Sun Mountain Lodge and spending many hours with her horse, Flag.  (Information obtained from