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•   Anne Mackie  11/20
•   Jim McKenzie  11/18
•   Paul Beals  11/13
•   Diane Crosby (Glover)  10/17
•   Dean McDonald  9/22
•   Tom Tumblin  8/10
•   John Mills  8/6
•   Pete Clark  7/27
•   Gerald Hause  6/28
•   Linda Forbes  6/28
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Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in Alaska
9 live in Arizona
9 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Florida
1 lives in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
3 live in Idaho
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Maryland
2 live in Montana
1 lives in New Mexico
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in Ohio
5 live in Oregon
4 live in Texas
1 lives in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
187 live in Washington
2 live in British Columbia
1 lives in Australia
1 lives in France
1 lives in Thailand
83 location unknown
76 are deceased


•   Jill Keeler (Coan) (Steele ('68))  12/6
•   Guy R Axelson  12/8
•   Ellen Troost (Kane)  12/9
•   Carol Greene (Newman)  12/11
•   Arlene Korhonen (Kuntz, Lewis)  12/13
•   Bill Pittman  12/17
•   Barbara Wilkey (Wilkins)  12/18
•   Beth Bone (Niemi)  12/19
•   Richard Ekstedt  12/19
•   Cheri Warner (Joseph)  12/20
•   Sue Larama (Parman)  12/24
•   Jeff Johnston  12/25
•   Karen Ross (Rountree)  12/29
•   Bob Baumgartner  12/30
•   Chris Thompson  12/31
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Know the email address of a missing Classmate? Click here to contact them!

Welcome to old memories with the 1964-65 Meadowdale Impressions under the direction of

Mr. Bob Burton.

Thank you to Bob's daughter Barbara Burton for making this collection from 1963 - 1989 available.

For your listening pleasure, click on the menu item on the left side bar: Impressions Music 

Welcome to the Meadowdale High Class of 1965 website! This is the Lynnwood, Washington, Meadowdale High. 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy through this COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are the "official" MHS '65 website created and managed by your classmates. This is a private, member-only site. It is non-commercial and free, paid for by donations from classmates.

Help locate our "Missing" classmates:  We need your help to locate "missing" classmates for whom we do not have a current address or email.  Click here to review the list of "Missing Classmates." If you know how to contact one of them, please forward them this website address, or let us know how to contact them. 

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Reunions, Picnics, and Photos 

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This is a Private Access website for registered members of the Class of 1965 MHS, teachers, and friends from other classes. To register:

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  5. Click the giant "Join Here" link, and the registration wizard will walk you through the signup. 

Your Classmate Profile & Contact Info:  Profiles tell our stories of what we've been doing since high school.  It's easy to input your information, or if you need help let us know.  Since this is a private site, you must first "join" the site to read other profiles ior write your own. Also, we hope you will review and update your Contact Info.  

Carefully read through the choices when you complete your profile page; you can select an option to keep your information private-only for registered classmate users

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